“Greater water security isn’t an impossibility.
It is a choice that begins by championing abundance, not scarcity.”
—Dave Sorem, President, Secure Water Alliance


What if we could move California’s water policy from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance?  What if we could effectively manage California’s wet year/dry year cycles so we have more reliable water resources during drought years and more efficient water management in wet years, so there is less flooding and more water capture?

The Secure Water Alliance, driven by an abundance mentality, campaigns for improved water supply infrastructure, more water capture, better flood protection, and greater access to safe, clean, affordable water for all Southern California residents and businesses, in wet and dry years alike.


“It never failed that during the dry years the people forgot about the rich years,
and during the wet years they lost all memory of the dry years.”

—John Steinbeck, East of Eden


What we’re seeing in California right now is more destructive, larger fires burning at rates that we have historically never seen.

—Jonathan Cox, Cal Fire


“All 58 counties have experienced at least one significant flood event in the past 25 years, resulting in loss of life and billions of dollars in damages.”

—California Department of Water Resources
“What we’re focusing on
is creating more water –
moving away from a scarcity mindset
to one more of abundance…”

—Governor Gavin Newsom


The missed opportunities and shortfalls in water management that grow out of a California’s scarcity mentality are disruptors in a very negative sense.  They create higher water rates and spiraling food costs that are particularly harmful to California’s disadvantaged communities, and they encourage the flight of businesses to states with more stable water supplies, which results in family breadwinners losing their jobs and the state losing a growing share of its tax base to other states.

And, with the challenges wrought by a changing climate, we can only expect these impacts to worsen … unless we do something.


There is no doubt that our climate is getting drier, even while California is at increasing risk of more frequent Atmospheric River flood events.

We must act now to protect Southern California from this potentially catastrophic cycle of ever-increasing rain events and ever more frequent and severe droughts, and the crises that follow – from floods to wildfires – threatening our homes, our lives, our economy and our future.


California needs to start delivering more smart, reliable, environmentally sensitive water supply, storage and flood control projects, so water managers can be better prepared for the changing cycles of drought and wet years. Accomplishing this will require a new level of focused, strategic, campaign-style advocacy in support of new conservation, water supply, and flood control projects, which is what the Secure Water Alliance brings.

Come learn about the incredibly smart water projects that are sustainable and well-planned, and will bring clean, safe, affordable water to Southern California.

About the Secure Water Alliance

The Secure Water Alliance is a group of local businesses, contractors, labor unions and concerned residents like you, working together in support of ensuring access to safe, clean, reliable and affordable water for all our communities now, and for our children’s future. We are independent – not funded by water agencies, with no water agency members – so we can better represent the people of Southern California.

The Alliance was founded as the San Gabriel Valley Coalition for A Secure Water Future in 2021 by the Engineering Contractors Association (ECA). For over 40 years, ECA was the leading organization representing contractors, engineers, and unions involved in the design and construction of water infrastructure.  Other organizations in the region quickly joined the Coalition, and at the successful conclusion of its first advocacy effort, the group evolved into the Secure Water Alliance, with the expanded vision of supporting an increase in the construction of welldesigned and much-needed water infrastructure projects throughout Southern California.

We believe our best safeguard against the constant flood/drought uncertainty in California is to study, approve and build new smart water projects, so that in wet years we can capture morewater and limit flooding and in dry years we can avoid the water shortages, costly rate increases, and water uncertainties that negatively impact jobs, our local economy, and our quality of life.

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