The Drought in the western U.S.
could last until 2030.


What if we could end the endless drought? That … and nothing short of that … is the mission of the Secure Water Alliance. Ending the severe water shortages that come with drought is what drives us to fight for reliable access to safe, clean, affordable water for all Southern California residents and businesses.

A treacherous wildfire season made more dangerous by drought, water restrictions.


There is no doubt that our climate is getting drier. This year’s cuts in water supplies from northern California will likely be followed with reductions in the amount of water we receive from the Colorado River.

We must act now to protect Southern California from this potentially catastrophic cycle of ever-increasing droughts and drought-spawned crises, like wildfires, that threaten our homes, our lives, our economy and our future.

“What we’re focusing on
is creating more water –
moving away from a scarcity mindset
to one more of abundance…”


We believe that enough smart, reliable, environmentally sensitive water projects can be brought online to end the water shortages by better managing the changing cycles of drought and wet years in California. Accomplishing this will require a new level of focused, strategic, campaign-style advocacy in support of new conservation and water supply projects, which is what the Secure Water Alliance brings.

Come learn about the incredibly smart water projects that are sustainable and well-planned, and will bring clean, safe, affordable water to Southern California.

About the Secure Water Alliance

The Secure Water Alliance is a group of local business, labor unions and concerned residents like you, working together in support of ensuring access to safe, clean, reliable and affordable water for all of our communities now, and for our children’s future.

We believe our best safeguard against the constant water supply uncertainty in California is to study, approve and build the new water smart projects, we can avoid water shortages, costly rate increases, and water uncertainty that negatively impacts jobs, our local economy, and our quality of life.

Learn more about Southern California’s water supply, the challenges to it, and the smart water projects we support. Having you with us will be a huge help as we work to guarantee a secure water future for everyone, so please join us today!

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