Carson Water Recycling Plant

Metropolitan Water District

The Advanced Purification Center in the City of Carson is a 500,000 gallon per day demonstration facility that will generate information needed for the potential future construction of a full-scale recycled water plant. It uses a unique application of membrane bioreactors designed to significantly increase efficiency in water recycling. Scientists and engineers are testing the process, utilizing full-scale treatment modules, to ensure the resulting purified water meets the highest water quality standards. Once approved by regulators, this innovative process could be used throughout California and even applied around the globe.

A full-scale regional recycled water program would produce up to 150 million gallons daily, enough to serve more than 500,000 homes. Purified water from the advanced treatment facility would be delivered through up to 60 miles of new pipelines to the region’s groundwater basins, industrial facilities and two of Metropolitan’s treatment plants.


How It Works

The process begins with wastewater discharged from homes, businesses and industries. After the wastewater has been cleaned and treated, it flows to an advanced water treatment plant where it is further purified. The water then replenishes groundwater basins and is eventually pumped up, disinfected and used again. It could also be delivered to industrial facilities and potentially to Metropolitan’s water treatment plants and delivery system.

Replenishes Groundwater

Replenishes groundwater basins, which provide 30% of Southern California's water supply and have seen levels drop to historic lows in recent years.

Drought & Earthquake Proof

Produces a drought-proof source of water, readily available rain or shine and safeguards in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

Affordable Water

Helps meet needs of region’s growing economy and population at a cost comparable to other local water resources.

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